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Latest: Videos of Talks Now Available.
Conference Proceedings are being processed by AIP. Due in May 2012.
MaxEnt2012 Website (Garching, Germany, 15-20 July 2012)



For over 30 years, the MaxEnt workshops have explored the use of Bayesian and Maximum Entropy methods in scientific and engineering applications. The workshop invites work on all aspects of probabilistic inference, including novel techniques and applications, and work that sheds new light on the foundations of inference. This meeting will feature a special session on the
Principle of Maximum Entropy Production (MEP).

previous workshops, areas of application have included Astronomy and Astrophysics, Genetics, Geophysics, Medical Imaging, Material Science, Nanoscience, Source Separation, Particle Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Plasma Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, Climate Studies, Engineering and Robotics. Foundational issues involving probability theory and information theory, and the novel application of inference to illuminate the foundations of physical theories, have also been of keen interest.

The workshop includes a one-day
tutorial session, invited papers, contributed papers and poster presentations. Contributed papers related to the above topics are being solicited. Especially encouraged are papers whose content is novel, either as to approach or area of application. Abstracts (one page of about 400 words) of the proposed papers should be submitted via this website. Selected papers by the program committee will be edited and published in a book. All the papers will be in English.

Waterloo is a leading center of science and technology in Canada, hosting the
University of Waterloo (consistently ranked the top Canadian university for innovation, and regarded as one of the finest Canadian universities for science and technology) and Perimeter Institute (a world-class institute for theoretical physics), and home to such cutting-edge technology companies as Research in Motion (maker of the Blackberry) and Maplesoft.

Organizing Committee


Philip Goyal (Chair), Dept. of Physics, University at Albany (SUNY).
Adom Giffin, Applied Physics Group, Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University.
K. H. Knuth, Dept. of Physics, University at Albany (SUNY).
Edward Vrscay, Dept. of Applied Mathematics, University of Waterloo.

Advisory Committee


G. L. Bretthorst, Washington University, USA.
A. Caticha, University at Albany (SUNY), USA.
J. Center, Autonomous Exploration, USA.
V. Dose, IPP, Germany.
G. Erickson, Boise State University, USA.
R. Fischer, IPP, Germany.
P. M. Goggans, University of Mississippi, USA.
K. Hanson, LANL, USA.
K. H. Knuth, University at Albany (SUNY), USA.
T. Loredo, Cornell University, USA.
A. Mohammad-Djafari, LSS-CNRS, France.
C. Rodriguez, University at Albany (SUNY), USA.
J. Skilling, Maximum Entropy Data Consultants, Ireland.
C. Ray Smith, University of Mississippi, USA.
Udo von Toussaint, IPP, Germany.



Dominique Brunet, University of Waterloo, Canada
Deniz Gencaga, NOAA-CREST, NY
Arsen Hajian, Dept. of Systems Design Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada
Nissim Kauffmann, University at Albany (SUNY), USA
Haley Maunu, University at Albany (SUNY), USA
Jonathan Murley, University of Waterloo, Canada
Klil Ha-Horesh Neori, University at Albany (SUNY), USA


Download a pdf poster for the workshop.

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